Warehouse Inventory to Update Warehouse Management System

A Danish power solutions company, based in Denmark, are market leaders within the cooling and heating industry. The company employs more than 42,000 employees globally and serves customers in more than 100 countries. The power solutions company delivers sustainable and energy efficient solutions for industry, the built environment and the entire food chain.

The power solution company needed to take control of inventory in the warehouse. Following several acquisitions of other companies, a SAP migration of the warehouse management system was scheduled. Due to the size of the project, the company approached RGIS to provide a solution to the following:

  • Complete an inventory count of the outdoor storage and the outdoor warehouse areas
  • Identify variances to expected inventory levels
  • Update inventory on hand levels for all parts
  • Provide an updated inventory database for the Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The power solutions company partnered with RGIS to complete the outdoor storage and warehouse inventory project, and provided the following:

  • After initial meetings and visits RGIS compiled a detailed process and project plan
  • Scheduled an experienced team of 68 RGIS auditors and six Team Leaders from two local districts
  • RGIS teams completed the inventory in both the outdoor storage area and the outdoor warehouse using the customer’s own scanning devices and master data record provided by customer
  • Identified inventory that was not listed on the customer’s database and added products to the system
  • An accurate database was created to identify each item and the location in the warehouse

The power solutions company found by outsourcing the outdoor storage and warehouse inventory project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • Accurately counted approximately 50,000 inventory items
  • Project was completed within three days, as requested by the customer
  • The customer benefited enormously in terms of costs, time and quality compared to previous inventories, when they used their own employees for the process
  • Based on the positive outcome of the inventory project, the customer has awarded RGIS the contract for the following year