How It Works

Replace your paper labels with Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and adopt a dynamic and reliable pricing policy.

Simple and smooth installation

Brackets, fixing rails or pins to match the dimensions of the fixture

Commissioning of ESLs

Initialization of each label and verification of labeling compliance

Ongoing support

Maintenance service in case of failure including ESL battery replacement service available


Assistance and management of the deployment of new equipment


Link the electronic shelf labels to the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) product code

Remove and replace

Dismantle old racking and set up new racking


Install the electronic shelf labels in the correct locations


ESLs are installed quickly and efficiently


Can be completed when is convenient for you even if that is over-night


Our technology is made for you, rely on the expertise and know-how of the RGIS teams so that the in-store deployment of your Electronic Shelf Labels is a complete success.

  • Established partnerships with the main manufacturers of ESL
  • Customized service established according to your specifications
  • National coverage to cover all your stores
  • We also have a global network of offices so can cover all your ESL needs
  • We give the resources to make sure your vision is a reality in all stores

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Case Studies