How It Works

RGIS introduces an advanced industrial inventory solution; RGIS Vision, eliminating paperwork and manual data entry. Our technology saves time and boosts operational efficiency during industrial inventories by scanning industrial part numbers, product codes or barcodes. Perfect for auto parts, components and industrial parts.


Advanced Technology

State-of-the-art proprietary technology and software developed through years of experience in industrial inventories including tablets, handhelds and finger lasers linked to bespoke cloud software.

Tailored Solutions

Customized solutions for diverse environments designed to match each warehouse's unique setup and industrial inventory challenge.

Accurate Part Code Recognition

RGIS Vision, our unique new tool, facilitates the scanning of part numbers, negating the need for barcodes on all products.

Reads Blurred Codes

The powerful engine behind RGIS Vision, our industrial inventory tool, allows the scanning of smudged, faded or blurred part numbers.

Paperwork Elimination

Streamlined processes with the elimination of manual data entry as RGIS Vision gives the unique ability to scan part numbers, as well as barcodes revolutionizing inventories for those still reliant on paper and pen.

Efficiency Boost

Reduced time through rapid barcode scanning, enhanced operational efficiencies, and minimized resource drain.

Speed Scanning

RGIS Vision scans part codes at the same speed as scanning barcodes, so will speed up many industrial parts inventories.

Real Time Insights

RGIS's cutting-edge technology delivers instant data insights, empowering businesses with up-to-the-minute information for agile decision-making and enhanced operational control.


RGIS are inventory specialists in manufacturing or industrial inventory counts and can ensure your inventory project is completed accurately, efficiently and successfully.

  • Tablet technology gives you live progress of your inventory project
  • Increased inventory accuracy reduces duplicate inventory items from being ordered and gives full visibility of the inventory
  • Our new recruit training and on-boarding programmes are the leading standard
  • RGIS Tablet (Paperless) Inventory provides the most transparent checking process
  • Flow and Deployment process enables the Count Manager to minimize any warehouse disruption
  • With reach across the US RGIS can cover all of your industrial or manufacturing locations wherever they are

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