How It Works

Innovative consignment inventory checks give you peace of mind.


All auditors are fully trained within a multitude of environments


Results are monitored throughout and adjustments are made accordingly

Performing the consignment check

Trained experienced teams use advanced technology and proven processes


Validation of the inventory used against invoices


Trained in all count check methodologies, including exact tablet, MLS and pieces


Consignment inventory checks performed in pharmacies, doctors surgeries and veterinary surgeries

Care facilities

Consignment inventory checks performed in hospitals and prison pharmacies


Reduce issues with overpaid invoices by having the details before payment with accurate reporting


RGIS understand and have experience in a multitude of industries

  • Continued technology innovations in software, equipment and processes
  • RGIS proprietary technology and bespoke programming allow for a unique customer experience
  • Knowledge on drug classifications
  • Trusted third party perspective with extensive healthcare and retail experience
  • RGIS operates with complete transparency before, during and after consignment inventory checks
  • With reach across the US RGIS can cover all of your healthcare facilities
  • Capture RFID stock data, including inventory consignment checks

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Case Studies