How It Works

Our team of supply chain solution experts help isolate any problems in your supply chain. Supply chain audits are customized to your requirements and designed to identify the exact causes of the issues quickly


Unbiased data you can trust from a third party perspective


Improve inventory control and maintain the correct levels


Decrease shrink by understanding where it happens and how to prevent it


Identify and correct problems quickly


Paperless inventories

Partnership approach

Leverage your resources and ours together


Lorry, truck and trailer to help guarantee deliveries


Checks to improve specifics of inventory movement


On-hands visibility and reconciliation performed to your specifications

Supply chain experts

Proven management, IT expertise and fully trained auditors


The longer you wait the worse the supply chain problem can become

  • Any variances are discovered and resolved
  • Our processes can be completed without any disruption to production or distribution
  • You can get full visibility throughout the supply chain audit process
  • With reach across the USA RGIS can cover all of your warehouses or factories
  • RGIS Tablet (Paperless) Inventory provides the most transparent and efficient checking process in the industry
  • Flow & Deployment process enables the Count Manager to minimize production and distribution interruptions
  • Ensure all relevant inventory items are in the correct locations within the retail warehouse, distribution center or factory

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