How It Works

Your customers can not buy your inventory if they cannot see it on the shelves.


All selected products are counted in both the store and backroom


RGIS employees are trained specifically to maximize efficiency whilst maintaining inventory accuracy


Targeting products based on sales indicators and forecasts

Quick win

Targeted inventory counts are performed to boost immediate sales


Scheduling means we are available whenever you need us


Tablet (paperless) inventories for live progress and in-store checking while also being environmentally friendly


All auditors are trained within retail environments


Bespoke reports you define will give you the information you need on your seasonal inventory


Because every sale counts especially at seasonal busy periods

  • Identify and correct issues before they cost you sales and customers
  • Ensure all relevant products are displayed correctly and ready to sell
  • Allow your team to focus on customers rather than inventory levels
  • Keep your customers happy with reliable omni-channel options
  • Tablet technology (paperless inventory) gives you live progress of your inventory count
  • RGIS proprietary technology and bespoke programming allow for a unique customer process
  • RGIS operates with complete transparency before, during and after inventory counts

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Case Studies