How It Works

Instead of having to use unskilled agency staff to support your warehouse or distribution center, you can now rely on skilled inventory professionals. Fully trained in pick accuracy who are also familiar with warehouse and distribution center environments to support you.

Extra staff

Peak season warehouse support or store support resource when you need it


Picking and packing support


Pick accuracy checks


Sample accuracy checks


One off special project support


General warehouse or distribution center support

Warehouse or Store

Loading and unloading


Inventory movement or inventory replenishment

Inventory Count

In-house warehouse or distribution center inventory count support


We give you the resources to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

  • Experienced staff rather than unskilled agency staff
  • Proven project management
  • IT expertise and innovative technology
  • Fully trained auditors
  • Warehouse, distribution center as well as in-store experience
  • With reach across the USA RGIS can support your warehouses
  • Our new staff training and on-boarding programmes are the leading standard within the industry

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Case Studies