How It Works

Understanding the issues in your retail supply chain can reduce shrink, over stocks and out of stocks.

Meets your goals

Every inventory we perform is designed to meet your requirements, goals and expectations


Increase profit by reducing shrink with delivery checks at store

Improve inventory levels

Eliminating problems within your retail supply chain will result in more accurate inventory levels

Decrease shrink

Understanding where shrink happens and how it can be prevented


Bespoke reports created based on your requirements that give you the information you need on your inventory


Tablet (paperless) inventories for live progress and in-store checking while being environmentally friendly


All employees trained specifically within retail environments to maximize efficiency and accuracy


Audits are customized to your needs and designed to identify the exact causes of any issues you are having within your supply chain


The longer you wait, the bigger the problem can get.

  • With reach across the USA RGIS can cover all of your stores and warehouses wherever they are
  • RGIS Tablet (Paperless) Inventory provides the most transparent in-store checking process
  • Flow and Deployment process enables the Count Manager to minimize store disruption
  • Variances in the supply chain are discovered and resolved before they become problems
  • Accurate inventory data you can trust
  • You get full visibility throughout the whole audit process
  • RGIS proprietary technology and bespoke programming allow for a unique customer process

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