Retail Store Inventory to Update Stock on Hand Quantities

An Australian retail company, known for its fashion clothing and stationery brands, required the support of RGIS. It has over 1,500 stores in 22 countries employing 20,000 people across eight brands. Stores range from 5,000 – 50,000 units in size.

The fashion retailer completed in-house inventories, but were having difficulty completing all stores within the required time-frame, so came to RGIS for assistance. The retailer needed RGIS to complete an inventory of selected retail stores throughout Queensland and New South Wales in Australia, and provide the following:

  • All 60 retail store inventories to be completed within a short time frame
  • Provide variance reports for checking after initial counts
  • Provide accurate data to update stock on hand quantities

The fashion retailer partnered with RGIS to complete the retail store inventory project,
and RGIS provided the following:

  • RGIS obtained the list of stores which the retailer needed assistance with, and District Managers provided suitable dates to which the customer agreed
  • A full product master file was obtained from the customer which had all current stock lines
  • A stock on hand file for each store was also provided in order to create variance reports for the customer
  • Scheduled teams of District Managers, Supervisors and a total 477 experienced RGIS auditors to count all 60 retail stores

The fashion retailer found by outsourcing the retail store inventory project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • Accurately counted 890,000 units across all 60 stores
  • Once RGIS had completed the initial count, a variance report was generated by RGIS indicating any differences between the expected stock on hand to that just counted by RGIS auditors
  • Results and reports were supplied back to the customer so that they could update the POS with current and accurate stock on hand quantities
  • The retailer was able to achieve their goal of completing all inventories before the end of June deadline
  • The customer was very happy with the outcome, and know that they can count on RGIS to assist with any inventory services in the future