Store Chain Surveys to Update Store Plans and Measure Sale Performance

A French discount store chain required the support of RGIS. The off-price retailer has more than 130 stores in France. It sells products in five categories: fashion, health and beauty, homeware, toys and seasonal products.

The discount store chain has worked with RGIS for more than five years for inventories and asset management, so approached RGIS for support with store surveys. The customer needed to update the store plans and measure sale performance, so required RGIS to provide the following:

  • Nationwide coverage to be able visit 50 stores
  • Complete full store surveys collating data on size and type of all bays
  • Conduct the survey in stores during opening hours without disrupting the employees’ daily tasks and customer shopping experience
  • Provide updated accurate store plans in a timely manner

The discount store chain partnered with RGIS to complete the full store survey project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • RGIS scheduled a meeting with the Merchandising Team and organized a store visit to review the needs of the customer
  • As the customer was increasingly opening new stores, they needed to have a true vision of their store concept and understand the overall revenue performance of departments and products based on linear meters and square meters (m2)
  • The customer provided all the relevant store information to make sure RGIS was able to provide all the requirements (Original AutoCAD plan, vfile with the full nomenclature)

The discount store chain found by outsourcing the full store survey project to RGIS,
the following results were achieved:

  • Each RGIS team visited 1-2 stores per week and drew up store plans, accurately scanning six items per bay, one item per shelf and collating all the measurements
  • Then the RGIS UK SmartSpace® Team turned around results within 10 days after the survey being completed, and results were sent straight to the customer as an AutoCAD store plan file, a PDF file and an Excel report
  • The customer now has the ability to understand their € revenue better and has actual planograms per linear meter and the square meter usage
  • The marketing and merchandising divisions can make better decisions about future stores and new projects