Hospital Inventory Management & Supply Chain Management

In medical settings, the stakes are high, and the availability and location of highly distributed pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment can mean everything.

Meanwhile, financial pressures are a constant, with each expenditure in need of justification.

With such high stakes and tight budgets, more hospitals, healthcare systems and long-term care facilities are realizing the cost-savings and heightened inventory control they receive by outsourcing their inventory data collection to professional inventory partners like RGIS.

Performed by our own certified personnel, RGIS provides fast, discreet and cost-effective counts for hospital inventory management, including:

·          Physical inventories

·          Fixed asset inventories

·          Clinical supply inventories

·          Pharmacy inventories

·          Hospital supply chain inventories

·          Warehouse inventories

·          Truck/trailer audits

RGIS has170 offices throughout the United States with data collection teams certified in healthcare-specific inventory counts. It’s a geographic presence that allows us to efficiently help healthcare organizations across the country, including those with multiple campuses, account for their physical assets while freeing up their high-value personnel to focus on patient care instead of inventory concerns.

How it Works

RGIS data collection teams arrive on-site at times that are best for your staff and patients with patented handheld technology pre-programmed to seamlessly populate your existing inventory management system in real-time. The data is encrypted for security, and automatically reconciled, eliminating the need for time-intensive manual reconciling.

Learn more about on-site data collection for enhanced healthcare inventory management.

Below are more details on just some of the additional ways RGIS serves healthcare providers with services that reduce costs, increase efficiency and create the insight needed to make smarter business decisions across the hospital supply chain.

RIMS (Remote Inventory Management System)

For maintaining inventory in remote locations, RGIS offers RIMS, a specialized hospital inventory management system. Once installed, RIMS tracks the usage of remote inventory locations, triggering messages when additional products are needed or when medicine is due to expire. It also incorporates a medicine rotation system that places medicines due to expire into an area where it is more likely to be used.

Contact RGIS today for a quote and to learn more.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) implementation is growing by leaps and bounds, turning hospitals into “smart hospitals.”

The technology, when used to tag clinical supplies, drugs and equipment, increases operational efficiencies, reduces shrinkage costs and improves patient care in hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes through improved tracking of resources.

RFID is also used to improve patient safety, raise the level of security in maternity wards, and offer better monitoring of patient drug allergies and food allergies in the meal ordering process.

To learn how RGIS can deliver and implement a variety of RFID systems in ORs, patient rooms, or across entire buildings, campuses and hospital supply chains, contact RGIS today.

Battery Test & Replace™

Clinicians rely on portable electronic devices for all kinds of purposes, and when those devices fail to keep charges, their unreliability hurts productivity and patient care.

To ensure that portable devices are providing clinicians, staff and administrators with the service times they need and expect, RGIS recently introduced Battery Test & Replace, a cost-effective field service that uses our proprietary technology to test rechargeable batteries, recycle unhealthy ones, and re-supply with new ones.

Fast, discreet, and less expensive than other approaches to power management, Battery Test & Replace gives employees portable devices they can rely on every day. Contact RGIS today for a quote.

Here for You

Partnering with third-party inventory professionals gives healthcare providers freedom from conducting their own counts and new degrees of inventory control.

Partnering with RGIS gives you a vendor with the geographic presence to serve your entire network, the technology like RFID and RIMS to turn your hospital into a “smart” hospital, and the screened, certified experts to work professionally and discreetly in any clinical setting.  

For the professional performing of all manner of sensitive, healthcare-specific audits and inventories, and much more, contact RGIS today.



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