Store Support Attaching RFID Tags

A supermarket, needed support to attach Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to clothing items in store.

The supermarket wanted to utilise RGIS staff’s retail environment experience to support them in a project attaching RFID tags to clothing items in store:

  • To work with store staff to complete the project
  • To tag all items of clothing with RFID tags
  • To complete within a strict timeframe

RGIS worked with the supermarket and completed the following:

  • Local teams visited stores and liaised with store staff
  • Scheduled support when the supermarket had the store staff completing the RFID project
  • Certain stores were identified as needing the most support

By partnering with RGIS, the supermarket benefited from the following:

  • Completed RFID tagging project in the strict timeframe given
  • The supermarket staff could continue with their normal duties
  • The supermarket did not need to employ temporary staff to complete the project