Getting the Most From Inventory Data Using the RGIS Dashboard

Sainsbury’s, a major nationwide supermarket chain with over 650 main stores and over 700 convenience stores, required the support of RGIS. Sainsbury’s wanted to consolidate multiple feeds of data being captured at inventories, that could then be readily drilled into for granular detail.


Sainsbury’s Loss and Prevention Department partnered with RGIS to gain greater insights into a largely unused data set that would not have been a priority for internal reporting teams:

  • There was unexplored value in the data being captured, but with no internal resource to analyze the data and deliver the insights, this was outsourced to RGIS
  • There was a need to consolidate data from multiple vendors for a full picture of exposure performance that could be drilled into by store, by region, and by product category


RGIS built a web-based dashboard for Sainsbury’s, with multiple user access:

  • Daily automated transfer of data, eliminated manual transfer of multiple data feeds and enabled data preparation, cleansing, alerts and archiving to be actioned prior to refresh of the dashboard
  • RGIS worked with Sainsbury’s to scope the required KPIs, along with expected drill-down capabilities for each view
  • Standard reports were created that can be accessed in a self-serve manner with up-to-date information, with optional development for new requirements and reports ongoing
  • On-site training for users with ongoing support when needed


Sainsbury’s have an online tool, with external Analyst support, that consolidates vast amounts of data:

  • The dashboard offers a ‘self-serve’ approach to multiple users, from users who want a high level summary of performance, to analysts who want to extract and manipulate the data themselves
  • There are four years of data securely archived, with two years of data to view for year-on-year trending
  • The automated updates of standard reports allow users to view their data online, but also schedule updates or download and view on the move