Data Collection From Multiple Wholesaler Companies

The data and market measurement company provides clients the most complete understanding of what consumers watch and buy in more than 100 countries around the world. The company have been a trusted source for complete consumer intelligence for nearly 100 years, with the ability to provide global retailers, manufacturers and partners with the most comprehensive data, analysis and insights.

The data and market measurement company needed a solution to collect pricing data from multiple wholesaler companies, so required RGIS to provide the following:

  • Experience of wholesaler environments
  • National coverage
  • Discretion required when collecting and verifying the data
  • Collect retail prices and identify which products were advertised

The data and market measurement company partnered with RGIS to complete the pricing data collection project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • Weekly audits completed every Monday
  • The customer provided details of the wholesaler and which products to check
  • One experienced RGIS auditor was allocated to one wholesaler
  • Confirmed price on price label and whether the product was being visibly advertised

The data and market measurement company found by outsourcing the pricing data collection project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • Files were completed and sent to the customer weekly
  • The customer can now prepare accurate analysis from the data received from RGIS