Organization and Inventory of Stock in Warehouse for Online Retailer

A company that provides digital, automated and scalable e-commerce solutions across Europe through numerous partnerships, required the support of RGIS. The company employs more than 600 people to ensure that companies can focus on growth and that e-commerce logistics are worry-free. The Group has its headquarters in Switzerland, with other sites throughout Switzerland and Germany.

The e-commerce service provider secured a new customer that had an online shop specializing in non-food items. Having taken over all the company’s fulfillment, they faced a big challenge of creating an accurate and up-to-date stock file.

Due to a good reputation in Switzerland, with expertise and experience to handle such inventory challenges, the service provider approached RGIS to provide the following:

  • Complete a physical inventory count of the customer’s warehouse
  • Provide new and accurate inventory database of stock items and their location
  • Check and count deliveries in the inbound department
  • Merge storage locations in the outbound department
  • Count and detect duplicate items in combination with inventory of stock items

The e-commerce service provider partnered with RGIS to complete the organization and inventory of stock project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • After initial meetings and visits, RGIS compiled a detailed process and project plan
  • A team of 35 experienced RGIS auditors were scheduled per day
  • RGIS teams completed the physical inventory of stock in the warehouse
  • Stock items were identified, locations checked and then documented on the system
  • An accurate database of stock items with the correct locations was created

The e-commerce service provider found by outsourcing the organization and inventory of stock project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • RGIS teams accurately counted approximately 1,200,000 SKUs, 1,200 pallets and over 5,000 bins
  • RGIS also supported the service provider in counting and booking inbound items in, so that they could immediately be transported to the correct location in the warehouse
  • By using RGIS for the organization and inventory of the warehouse, the project was completed in six weeks, rather than the anticipated 10 weeks using the company’s own internal employees
  • The customer was very happy to have selected RGIS as a partner as RGIS has shown their extensive expertise and experience to handle complex inventory challenges, and were able to deliver accurate and reliable results
  • The customer was very satisfied with the results delivered and hopes to continue working with RGIS in the future for support with other inventories and services