Topographic Audit of Fertilizer Silos with Inventory of Stores, Distribution Centers and Factories

One of the largest and most respected distributors of fertilizers soy, seeds and agricultural products in Brazil, required the support of RGIS. The company has more than 45 stores, six fertilizer factories, a soybean seed processing unit and an animal nutrition factory spread, across eight states of Brazil.

The agricultural fertilizer and product distributor chose RGIS because of the technical knowledge that RGIS demonstrated through Project Managers, the RGIS technology and RGIS’ reach across Brazil. The distributor required RGIS to provide the following service:

  • Experience of similar environments and successfully implemented projects
  • General organization and inventory of all stock in stores, distribution centers and factories
  • Development and generation of location labels
  • Identify and locate all materials
  • Complete a topographic inventory in the fertilizer factories of bulk products in 105 silos
  • Provide accurate reports including an item registration management system for the Management to be able to make informed decisions

The agricultural fertilizer and product distributor partnered with RGIS to complete the topographic inventory project, and RGIS provided the following:

  • RGIS teams met with the distributor to go through current processes and to establish a detailed project plan
  • Scheduled teams of 15 experienced RGIS auditors per location to conduct a physical inventory of all items in stock with barcodes
  • Teams organized all stock in stores, distribution centers and factories
  • A topographical audit using specialized laser scanners produced a cloud of points that reproduced the scanned objects in the fertilizer factories
  • Solution through the AppSheet tool – development of an application for product identification and barcode generation

The agricultural fertilizer and product distributor found by outsourcing the topographic inventory project to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • Teams accurately inventoried 45,000 SKUs at all locations requested by the customer, in stores and distribution centers without any loss in production
  • Completed topographic inventories of all fertilizer factories, producing very detailed reports showing density, total area, total volume and total weight using drone technology
  • RGIS teams improved inventory accuracy to 99.8%
  • With the implementation of the project by RGIS, the customer now had total control of stock and was able to eliminate losses that reached BRL 30 MI during the year
  • The customer was very satisfied with the project results provided and will continue to use RGIS for futures services