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How It Works

We understand the benefits of knowing the value of your space. A full survey is a complete package solution that covers all data from every aspect relevant to the area, offering database-driven results for resets, acquisition, closing, profitability analysis, and other types of projects that require a complete navigation of the space. From planograms to drawings to digital imaging, our data goes through an extremely robust quality assurance process with expert guidance.  This comprehensive survey provides you with a deeper look into your retail environments so you can get your stores back to their maximum selling potential.  Our service can help you when you have to:

  • Prepare for a store reset or store acquisition
  • Build or update floor plans
  • Prepare for an in-store mobile navigation app
  • Implement or update macro-space software
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  • Over 61 years of retail experience
  • Dedicated and professional project management
  • Expert guidance
  • Strong relationships with software companies
  • Robust QA process
  • 10 years of experience successfully completing projects for large retailers in North America
Want to learn more? Contact us to schedule a no-obligation discovery meeting.