RGIS Pilots Space Optimization Solution for Family Dollar

Family Dollar, a successful Retail chain with more than 6,700 stores, located from Maine to Arizona, offers consumers a wide array of products, shopping convenience and everyday low prices.


Family Dollar stores vary in size and product assortments. Although Family Dollar conducts store surveys on a project basis for remodels, there was a need to collect spatial data for purposes of evaluating performance and determining courses of action related to merchandise assortments and allocation of selling floor space. There was no facility for the central repository of information across the chain or a market. This created two primary challenges:

  • Evaluation of product placement and adjacencies in specific stores and formats was difficult to track and manage
  • There was limited visibility to understand and prioritize both large and small-scale space re-alignments

RGIS and Family Dollar collaborated on a pilot program for the Baltimore, Maryland store locations in order to map the store planogram, determine the gap between actual fixture and product placement and the realogram and provide an accurate floor plan for fixturing and current space allocation. The objectives of the pilot included:

  • Providing an analytical platform to more effectively evaluate space allocation and layout decisions
  • Enabling faster execution through the use of improved store planning tools and fixture ordering processes – and eliminating the need to survey each specific store

In mapping the pilot stores, RGIS used Smartspace®, an innovative suite of macro space planning solutions, designed to optimize the use of available space. Specific tools included:

  • Smartspace® StorViewer® – a powerful space planning, reporting and collaboration tool. StorViewer® can be utilized by all levels of an organization – from store management to the C-suite – to create chain-wide analysis, reporting and heat maps. By connecting to a central store database over the internet or company intranet, StorViewer® allows management to evaluate specific store performance and identify improvement opportunities across the organization.
  • Smartspace® StorPlanner® – an intelligent retail planning and space management application. StorPlanner® enables retailers to evaluate the effectiveness of store layouts at the individual store, within clusters/geographies or across the enterprise. The use of StorPlanner® can result in significant productivity improvements in the management and allocation of store space.

In order to populate the Smartspace® StorPlanner® database, RGIS used its proprietary data collection tool to validate and update each store’s AutoCad drawing and associate planograms to each fixture section in each store.


Through the collaborative pilot, Family Dollar was able to gain increased visibility into the store layout, product adjacencies and opportunities for enhancing available space.

Family Dollar’s Vice President, Format and Space Management reports: “Through this pilot, we were able to gain greater intelligence about the space in our stores allowing us to make better decisions about how to use that space. With a space optimization tools StorPlanner® and StorViewer®, we can make faster, high quality decisions to ensure our stores are easy to shop for our customers and that they’re able to find what they need quickly.”