Go Beyond the Count

Turn your next inventory event into an opportunity.

With industry-leading grocery store inventory and loss prevention services, RGIS can help keep spoilage and overstocks off your shelves. Our accurate data collection provides the insight needed to make informed business decisions. RGIS integrated services address issues like shrink and merchandising, with a focus on strengthening your bottom line. 

Get the most out of your inventory service provider:

  • Our procedures, technology and training all focus on increasing inventory accuracy, so you gain - and keep - new levels of retail inventory control
  • We offer support services designed to leverage your inventory and strengthen your bottom line
  • Flexible scheduling – we’re available day or night to minimize disruption to your store
  • Research – we evolve our services and technology based on customer feedback
  • Customized solutions – tell us your inventory goals and we can help you achieve them

To speak with us and learn more about how we can make a difference for your grocery store or supermarket brand, contact RGIS today.

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