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8 of the top 9 apparel and shoe sellers use inventory services from RGIS. 
RGIS provides apparel and shoe sellers the retail inventory management tools and insights they need to increase inventory turnover. We offer traditional and leading-edge services, ranging from physical inventories for increase accuracy to RFID integration to help ensure if you have an item in stock, you have it on display.  Our experienced teams of onsite retail auditors deliver reliable and efficient counts, helping to increase your inventory accuracy while freeing your staff to concentrate on customer service.
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Fixture Installations

RGIS will deliver expert store fixture installation for one or all of your locations. Our team has experience in setting up all types of fixtures and shelving, as well as training in reading and following planograms to maintain brand effectiveness and consistency. We get the job done on time and to your specifications.


For large projects or ongoing needs, RGIS can implement your fashion marketing vision across all of your locations. Our team has experience in visual display as well as reading and following planograms. We get the job done on time and to your specifications.

Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID)

RFID technology has powerful applications that are revolutionizing the inventory industry. The item-level tagging and tracking interface is easy to use and provides real-time inventory data at a high-level of accuracy – perfect for omnicahnnel retailing. Not sure RFID will work for you? RGIS offers a low-risk pilot program.


Retail resets let you capture the excitement of the moment and convert it into sales. Our teams of experienced merchandisers can quickly and efficiently transition your stores from sale to sale or event to event. Keep your stores fresh and inviting all year long with RGIS.


RGIS offers temporary staffing to help you thrive during your busy times. When you absolutely, positively need someone, don’t settle for just anyone. RGIS Temporary Staffing, we’re there when you need us.

Battery Test & Replace (GTS)

Your business runs on mobility, and mobility runs on batteries. Our unique battery audit service can help eliminate battery-related device failure and save on unnecessary repairs. You will enjoy an immediate boost in productivity, customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Loss Prevention / Shrink Control

To significantly reduce operational shrink you have to attack it from multiple angles. RGIS can give you better visibility into the exact causes of your shrink, providing the insight necessary to make shrink-reducing adjustments to your operational processes, macro space management and even your merchandising.

Physical Inventory

Our trained auditors, count processes and technology allow us to deliver maximum inventory accuracy with minimal disruption to business. With RGIS, you can enjoy the benefits of using local talent, software that integrates with your inventory management system, and flexible scheduling with availability any time – day or night.


When it’s time to remodel, our team of dedicated experts can implement your new design and concepts across one or all of your locations. In the last five years, RGIS specialist transformed more than 11,000 stores. We get the job done on time and to your specifications.

Space Optimization

Smartspace™ from RGIS is a full-service retail space planning solution to help you maximize profit per square foot. Our data collection and analysis deliver the insights you need to make informed business decisions about product placement, shelving and merchandising.

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