Inventory Services for Your Supply Chain

RGIS offers traditional and leading-edge inventory services, ranging from physical counts to supply chain audits. Our services help manufacturers accurately capture their inventory data and gives them the insight to identify and correct inefficiencies in their supply chain.
RGIS can also help manufacturers solve inventory inaccuracies that cycle counts can’t solve. We quickly deliver the wall-to-wall counts and MRO inventories that provide the data and insights to keep your assembly lines moving.
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Fixed Asset

Our adapted solution process allows us to deliver a fixed asset inventory specific to your needs, without interrupting business. We count, affix barcodes and reconcile your asset data, giving you the insight to make proper business decisions.

Pack / Pull Temp Staffing

RGIS offers temporary staffing to help you pick and pull during your busiest times. Our workers are reliable, experienced in the warehouse environment and ready to help. When you absolutely, positively need someone, don’t settle for just anyone. RGIS Temporary Staffing, we’re there when you need us.

Truck / Trailer Audits

If you’re having lost inventory issues during transportation, RGIS can help. Is the problem shipping, receiving or theft from the truck? Our truck/tractor audits track your inventory from location to location. You’ll be able to identify exactly where the loss is happening, allowing you to make the appropriate changes, thus eliminating future loss.

Finished Goods

Wall-to-wall inventories can be overwhelming. Without enough help, you risk an extended shut down or incomplete service. RGIS can quickly mobilize an entire team of auditors, including project managers and team leaders. We work in conjunction with you to devise the best strategy for completing your inventory assessment on time and to your specifications.


Inaccuracies in your MRO inventory will eventually cause unexpected delays and shutdowns – usually at the worst possible times. Keep everything running smooth with a full MRO inventory from RGIS. We’ll identify any missing parts and plug the holes before they can bring you to a grinding halt.

Supply Chain Audits

With all the moving parts involved in manufacturing, there are a lot of places your inventory accuracy can slip. RGIS can perform supply chain audits giving you full transparency into your operations and distribution channels. We’ll identify trouble spots as well as opportunities for increasing operational efficiency.

Warehouse Physical Inventory

A warehouse inventory from RGIS will tell you exactly what you have and where it is. As we count your inventory we barcode items and bins that need it. We link your product data to location and consolidate items to one area when possible. Not only will your inventory be accurate, you’ll know exactly where in the warehouse it is.

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