On-Site Physical Counts of Inventory and Merchandising, Planogram Compliance, Store Resets for Hardware & Home Improvement Stores

Hardware and home improvement personnel are hired for their knowledge in the category and for their soft skills in guiding customers to the right tools and supplies.

When employees perform operational duties such as physical counts of inventory, planogram compliance and store resets, it can direct their focus away from customer service that keeps customers coming back.

That’s why RGIS, with its workforce of 30,000 and its global presence, provides hardware and home improvement retailers of all sizes—from independent businesses to the largest global franchises—with on-site physical counts of inventory for:

·          Full merchandise inventories

·          Fixed asset reconciliations

·          Compliance audits

·          Supply chain audits

·          Truck/trailer audits

·          Warehouse physical inventories

RGIS team members arrive at your store locations with patented handheld technology pre-programmed to seamlessly populate your existing inventory management system. We provide this service also during evenings, weekends and your specific off-hours to minimize disruptions to your sales and operations.

RGIS also provides hardware stores and home improvement retailers with the expert human resources on the ground they need to complete:

·          Merchandising and fixturing

·          Planogram compliance

·          Store resets

·          Rebranding

·          Store openings

·          Store liquidations

To learn more about industry leading physical inventories and expert merchandising and fixturing services from RGIS and to get a quote, contact RGIS today.

RGIS also takes you beyond the count with integrated inventory services, including:

RFID Inventory

Retail is leading the way on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID infrastructure from RGIS and our global partner Checkpoint gives you inventory at the speed of light helping you keep your inventory management program efficient, while also providing real-time insights.


For home improvement retailers with e-commerce and multi-platform digital marketing campaigns, RFID makes omnichannel retailing possible by delivering, integrated, real-time inventory visibility and management, helping to ensure product availability for customers whether they’re in-store or online.

RFID inventory gives retailers additional benefits including:

·          making mobile checkout possible

·          enhancing loss prevention

·          providing merchandising insight to get the most out of every square foot

RGIS makes it easy for retailers to adopt full in-store coverage and low-risk to test a store first to see the benefits before expanding RFID across stores and deeper into the supply chain.

Visit our RFID information page or feel free to contact RGIS to learn more about our RFID proof-of-concept program today.

Battery Test & Replace™

Weeding out unhealthy batteries from your portable devices with our proprietary technology reduces equipment service costs and gives store employees devices that actually work as intended, with full portable charges for every shift.

A top 5 national retailer saved millions and enjoyed significant ROI by adopting the cost-effective on-site service for its stores across the country.

Click for more details on our newest service: Battery Test & Replace, or contact RGIS today.

SmartSpace™ Store Design

Retailers rely on RGIS for advanced asset optimization and store design technology.

RGIS’ SmartSpace™ syncs with your inventory management system to populate actual sales data with visual interpretations of store plans, allowing for the testing of product placement ideas in a virtual setting before implementing them in or across stores.

Partner with RGIS to improve day to day operations, raise revenue, lower costs, optimize assets and improve customer experience.

For complete details and pricing on how to perfect your store, one shelf at a time, contact RGIS today.

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