Physical Inventory Counts & RFID for Department Stores & Mass Merchandisers

In terms of pure dollars, the largest retailers have the most to lose when it comes to out of stocks. They also have the biggest challenge.

With operational excellence the main remaining frontier for lowering costs and enhancing sales, many of the world’s largest retailers are taking advantage of fast, accurate physical inventory counts from RGIS, as well as retail and supply chain solutions backed by our decades of retail inventory experience.

Physical Inventory Counts

The industry leader in physical inventory services, RGIS counted 33.2 billion items for 11,200 satisfied customers last year, including several of the largest retailers in the world.

On-site data collection from RGIS quickly identifies out of stocks and provides the insight that our customers need to make the smartest buying decisions.

Whenever and for whatever reason you need counts and audits performed, RGIS data collection team members trained in your type of retail arrive at your store locations with handheld technology preprogrammed to integrate seamlessly with your inventory management system.

To reduce or eliminate disruptions to your employees and customers, we work, nights, weekends and off hours. Most counts are completed within a few hours.

We also work throughout your supply chain, to perform:

·          complete counts of merchandise

·          fixed asset inventories

·          compliance audits

·          supply chain audits

·          truck/trailer audits

·          warehouse physical inventories

To learn more how our physical inventory services can make a difference for your store, business or brand, contact RGIS today.

RFID Inventory Tracking

Twenty of the top 30 retailers in the U.S. are using RFID, and fashion retail and footwear are leading the way.

RGIS and our global partner Checkpoint install and implement RFID tagging and infrastructure that provides unrivalled visibility that reduces shrink and out-of-stocks and gives our customers inventory at the speed of light.


Fashion-minded people are also digital shoppers. RFID makes omnichannel retailing possible by delivering integrated, real-time inventory visibility and management, helping to ensure product availability for customers whether they’re in-store or online.

RFID inventory tracking gives retailers additional benefits including:

·          making mobile checkout possible

·          enhancing loss prevention

·          providing merchandising insight to get the most out of every square foot

RGIS makes it easy and low-risk for retailers to adopt full in-store coverage by testing a store first to see the benefits before expanding RFID across stores and deeper into the supply chain.

Visit our RFID information page or feel free to contact RGIS to learn more about our RFID proof-of-concept program today.

Battery Test & Replace™

Weeding out unhealthy batteries with our proprietary technology reduces equipment service costs and gives store employees devices that actually work as intended, with full portable charges for every shift.

A top 5 national retailer saved millions and enjoyed significant ROI by adopting the cost-effective on-site service for its stores across the country.

Click for more details on our newest service: Battery Test & Replace™ , or contact RGIS today.

Retail Services & Retail Design


RGIS offers expert help on the ground to assist with regular merchandising needs and strategic events such as store resets for new seasons/themes, remodels and rebrands.

SmartSpace™ Store Planning

Department stores, discounters and mass merchandisers also rely on RGIS for advanced retail design technology. SmartSpace™ syncs with your inventory management system to match real sales data with full visual interpretations of store plans, allowing for the testing of product placement ideas in a virtual setting before implementing them in or across stores.

For complete details and pricing, contact RGIS today.

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