Inventory solutions through technology and manpower for Aerospace, Defense and Manufacturing

No other company has more experience optimizing aerospace inventories than RGIS.

We have the expertise, technology and the experience in aerospace and defense and manufacturing to upgrade inventory across entire global supply chains. And we have the trained people on the ground across the globe who are quickly, easily mobilized to complete sprawling, massive audits of parts from factories to hangars to warehouses and military bases.

Cycle counts, warehouse management systems, MRO inventories, compliance audits and counts of raw materials, work-in-progress, finished parts—we’re here to solve complex, urgent problems, including those that seem just too big to fix.

We also upgrade our clients with system-wide inventory management solutions that make future problems less likely, and easier to fix internally.

Additional cost-reduction services such as loss prevention programs and our new Battery Test & Replace™service provide our aerospace, defense and manufacturing clients with additional ROI every day of the year.

Learn more about how we solve complicated problems, upgrade inventory systems and reduce costs for aerospace, defense and manufacturing: contact RGIS today.


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