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Inventory Services That Cure Inaccuracies

Last year RGIS performed more than 3900 hospital inventories.
We offer traditional and leading-edge inventory services, ranging from physical counts to pharmacy audits.
Having the right supplies at the right time is pivotal to providing quality care. It’s also critical to the financial health of your organization since it represents one of the largest cost centers.

From supplies to pharmaceuticals to medical equipment, we can help you better understand and optimize your physical assets with hospital inventory services that improve inventory accuracy and free your staff to focus on care instead of counts.
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Clinical Supply Physical Inventory

RGIS has teams of dedicated healthcare auditors trained to accurately and efficiently count your clinical supply inventory. We focus on the integrity of your inventory data, allowing your staff to stay focused on customer care.

Pharmacy Physical Inventory

Maintaining accuracy in your pharmacy is critical to controlling expenses and providing quality care. Our team of trained experts can quickly and efficiently count your pharmaceuticals, with full transparency and independent counts.

Remote Inventory Mgmt System (RIMS)

RIMS, remote inventory management system, monitors your remote inventory – including crash carts and stroke kits – to ensure the supplies and medicine are there when you need it most. The system can also alert you about recalls and medication nearing expiration. It also has the capability to schedule medication rotation to increase the likelihood that medication is used before it expires and needs to be discarded. Take control of your remote inventory with RIMS from RGIS.

Battery Test & Replace (GTS)

Your business runs on mobility, and mobility runs on batteries. Our unique battery audit service can help eliminate battery-related device failure and save on unnecessary repairs. You will enjoy an immediate boost in productivity, customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Fixed Asset

Our adapted solution process allows us to deliver a fixed asset inventory specific to your needs, without interrupting business. We count, affix barcodes and reconcile your asset data, giving you the insight to make proper business decisions.

Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID)

RFID technology has powerful applications that are revolutionizing the inventory industry. The item-level tagging and tracking interface is easy to use and provides real-time inventory data at a high-level of accuracy – perfect for omnicahnnel retailing. Not sure RFID will work for you? RGIS offers a low-risk pilot program.

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