Thomas J. Nicholson founded RGIS in 1958 to offer grocery stores an accurate and economical alternative to in-house inventories. Within a few years, the business expanded throughout the Midwest and started conducting counts in other environments in the United States

From Small Business To Global Leader
Today, RGIS is the global leader in supply chain, inventory, insights, merchandising and optimization solutions. Our commitment to accuracy, integrity, and reliability, combined with our unmatched experience makes RGIS the service of choice for local businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Thomas J. Nicholson creates Retail Grocery Inventory Service with sons Bill and Ray in 1958. Headquarters moved from the basement of the Nicholson home to an office in Detroit, MI.

RGIS is on its way to becoming a national presence. The first offices were created in Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Louisiana and Minnesota. RGIS also created an international presence in Canada.

RGIS’ presence continues to grow with 92 total districts by the end of the decade with divisions created throughout the nation. RGIS Headquarters relocates from Madison Heights, Michigan to Rochester, Michigan. The first mini computers are used in district offices including the introduction of the SCM electronic calculator and the custom-designed TJN calculator.

The 1980s helped launch the Audit® microcomputer – which went through 6 evolutions during the decade. The RGIS logo receives an update in time to add a finishing touch to a headquarters in Rochester, Michigan. RGIS also begins a successful affiliation with The Marketing Force. An RGIS HQ Data Center for processing information is developed. By the end of the decade, RGIS has a worldwide presence with more than 200 district offices.

The Audit® microcomputer continues to be improved upon, with six more breakthrough iterations available. RGIS increases their global reach with offices in Mexico, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Israel and Brazil. Technology takes a quantum leap forward with the introduction of the Portable Financial (PORTFN) program. Radio Frequency (RF) wireless technology is introduced to add increased service. Also, RGIS On-Line allows improved customer service and exposure to new markets via the World Wide Web.

The International Division is formed to uniquely position RGIS for new markets. RGIS Headquarters relocates to Auburn Hills, Michigan. Offices are established in the United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Chile, France, Romania, Poland, Greece and The Czech Republic. RGIS teams up with Impala Partners and Paul Street is named CEO. RGIS Headquarters is renamed the Field Support Center to better reflect the contributions made by the thousands of dedicated employees that support our Field Operations. To better serve our growing customer base, RGIS acquires Gin Soft in France, Knöpfle in Germany and Lotons in Australia. The Audit® microcomputer, wildly successful through 14 generations, is retired and replaced with an evolutionary, proprietary handheld device with secure wireless technology. RGIS is acquired by The Blackstone Group.

2010 - present
RGIS continues its historic growth and industry leadership when Bruce Barkus is named CEO of RGIS, LLC. This is quickly followed by expansion into the Asia-Pacific region with the acquisitions of BRIS China and Kabushiki Kaisha IBC (IBC), Japan. In 2012, John J. Ling is promoted to CEO of RGIS, LLC.