RGIS is the inventory services leader for the warehouse industry, offering a comprehensive line of solutions, including:

  • Inventory and data collection solutions
  • Annual physical counts
  • Cycle counts
  • Fixed asset
  • Perpetual inventory
  • Verify™
  • VisualCount™
  • Compliance audits
  • Loss prevention
  • Smartspace®

Just-in-time and lean practices have changed the game in warehousing in the past few decades, turning the focus from sheer size to speed and proximity. With the more nimble warehouse in the modern supply chain measured not by value on the shelf but velocity, you need inventory functions to run as smoothly and as trouble-free as any equipment roaming your floor.

RGIS is the inventory services leader, with the industry's largest network of offices, advanced technology and proven processes to supplement your warehouse staff whenever and wherever you need us. Experienced, professional RGIS teams keep your people focused on critical tasks such as maximizing fill rates. Our cost-effective data collection services, flexible scheduling and pinpoint accuracy make us a sensible alternative to tying down your staff with cycle, annual and fixed-asset counts.

Our complete inventory support ranges from counts and process mapping to compliance audits and space optimization. Pick-and-pack operations, for instance, count on RGIS for solid guidance to create optimal layouts and product adjacencies. And with advanced, proprietary services such as Smartspace®, we become a value-added partner to help you achieve layouts that minimize waste and cost while maximizing efficiency.

  • Truly global reach -- with over 350 offices in more than 40 countries – RGIS can field teams anywhere your business takes you, cutting your travel costs and increasing your flexibility.
  • Proprietary, state-of-the-art technology – Our teams are equipped with our advanced, two-way wireless handhelds to ensure security, speed, and accuracy, while services such as our Verify™ real-time validation and reconciliation feature and VisualCount™ heat-map of inventory progress increase efficiency and reduce costs on all levels.
  • Loss Prevention services spot opportunities across your supply chain – from shipment arrival to departure.
  • Inventory management consulting services – Partnering with industry-leading consultants, RGIS helps you meet your warehouse optimization and cost reduction goals, including inventory and data collection, obsolescence and expiration projections, space planning and storage design, and warehouse location.
  • Full array of compliance audits – From safety, security, and emergency equipment verification, to shipment verification, piece count, and pricing accuracy, RGIS helps answer critical inventory and supply chain questions across even the most dispersed organizations.
  • RGIS' SSAE 16 (formerly SAS 70 Type II) compliant processes – Our internal controls are evaluated and tested for operating effectiveness, which will assist you in satisfying demands for complying with Sarbanes Oxley requirements.
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